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A natural stable manure. This is purely horse manure, sourced locally, from either straw or sawdust bedding. As a natural multi-source product the consistency and look of the manure can vary load to load.

Perfect for digging in to soil to boost the nutrient content before planting, or for using as a mulch around the base of plants.

By its nature, rotting manure can retain alot of heat before being spread out or dug in.  For this reason you should wait a few weeks before planting when digging it in to soil, and avoid plant stems when using as a mulch, to minimise the possibility of scorching.

If you are starting a bed or border from scratch, or want to improve drainage, why not visit our Bed & Border Planting Mixes page.  We mix our soil conditioners with sandy loam topsoil to create nutrient rich free draining growing media.

We process this manure at our depot in Newenden, turning it regularly to promote the rotting down process.  However please be aware that we do not shred or screen the manure.  Whilst we take care to remove items that we see in the manure as we process it, please be aware that you may find the odd item that has found its way from the stable yard into the manure heap!


Formats available

Loose load

The prices quoted on our website are for products delivered in our standard Bulk Bags and/or small bags.

Many of our products can be delivered as loose loads (4t or more), often at a substantial saving. If you are interested in a loose load please call or email our offices directly for a quote; or click the Enquire button for an online form.

Bulk bag (~1 m³)


Please note: bulk bag weights and volumes are approximate.

40-litre bag


Multi-purchase discount for bulk bags

2 - 4 bulk bags: 5% off
5 - 9 bulk bags: 10% off
10 bulk bags or more: 15% off

This discount is applied automatically at check-out on any combination of bulk bags. (Applies to delivered bulk bags only.) 


Our own fleet deliver across Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London.  Beyond these areas products are shipped via our trusted carrier partners.

Delivery to London & South East

We provide home deliveries direct to your door in loose loads, small and bulk bags. In Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London these deliveries are carried out by our Gardenscape fleet of 6 wheeler lorries, these are all equipped with a 2.5m HIAB crane, meaning that bags can be placed within this reach where you need them for your convenience.

Deliveries to addresses in the wider UK are made by pallet carrier and therefore curb side delivery only can be guaranteed.

Pallet carrier delivery

Whilst drivers are requested to do their best to deliver as close to the property as access allows it is not possible to move pallets over loose or uneven surfaces such as gravel or grass. We therefore recommend you check before ordering. We are not able to carry materials from the delivery point. Access to sites must be on hard roads over which a vehicle can pass without sustaining or causing damage of any kind.

If you need to reschedule your delivery please give at least 24 hours notice.

We also offer a garden and general waste collection service. You can either use your own empty big bags or we can send you bags in the post. Please see our Waste Bag Collection section for more information.

Delivery costs

Local deliveries (Kent and Sussex) by our own fleet are included in the costs shown on the product pages.

Deliveries outside this area will include additional charges which will be calculated on the Basket page prior to confirmation and payment. 

Collect from us

The majority of the products that we sell can be collected from our depot in Newenden Kent, either loose or in Bulk Bags, for considerable savings. The minimum that can be collected loose is 1/2 tonne or 1/2 cu. m.

Please download the pricelist below.

NOTE - Your vehicle / trailer must be large enough to be able to be loaded without product overflow. It is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is not overloaded.

Current pricelist

Samples and consistency

The majority of our products are naturally occurring and many therefore differ in colour and texture from one year to the next. We us trusted suppliers to ensure that the products we sell are of a high quality and we avoid changing suppliers, so we can optimise consistency.

If you are in doubt as to whether you are ordering the correct product, or a similar product to what you have ordered before, please contact us and request a small sample through the post.