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Our Turf comes from a trusted local supplier, and they use the latest vacuum technology to optimise the freshness of the turf, from field to lay.
One turf measures 1.65m x 0.61m (approximately 1 square metre). We have a minimum order of 10 rolls. (10m2), but we offer discounts for additional rolls. Get in touch for more information and we’ll be happy to help.
Scroll down to the Calculator tab to work out how much you need.
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Turf Calculators (Square, Triangle, Circle)

FAQs on Laying Turf

For general laying follow these easy steps:

1) Start laying along a straight side in a row butt jointing the ends tightly together. Each row of turf pieces should be offset by 3cm, brickwork style.

2) Do not stretch the turf, always push the turf into a joint. Avoid gaps, but if they do occur fill them in with a Sandy Loam Topsoil (try our 10mm screened topsoil) and gently tap down.

3) Ensure complete contact between the soil and the underside of the turf and if necessary use a flat board or a pole to lightly firm down the turf. Never use a roller on freshly laid turf.

4) Trim the ends of the turf with a spade to fit around trees, paths and so on. If the outer edges of the new turf are exposed, pile a bit of soil on them to prevent drying from the sun.

Once laid you should water the turf immediately and then water regularly for at least 2 weeks whilst the turf is establishing. Ongoing watering should be judged based on weather conditions.

If laying on a slope lay along the slope, not up and down it.

If you need to walk across freshly laid turf use boards.

Collecting Product

Collect from us

The majority of the products that we sell can be collected from our depot in Newenden Kent, either loose or in Bulk Bags, for considerable savings. The minimum that can be collected loose is 1/2 tonne or 1/2 cu. m.

NOTE - Your vehicle / trailer must be large enough to be able to be loaded without product overflow. It is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is not overloaded.


Delivery costs

The cost of local deliveries to Kent, Sussex and Surrey are free and included in the quoted prices.


Deliveries to London postcodes ( E,HA,SE,SL,SW,UB,WD) incur a once off visit charge of £35.00 with Central London postcodes(EC,EN,N,NW,W,WC) incurring a  once off visit charge of £65.00.

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