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Ornamental Bark

Ornamental Bark

Ornamental Bark - If you’re looking for a decorative finish to your prestigious beds and borders, then our Ornamental Bark provides the perfect look. Sized at 30-40mm, this mixed bark contains a maximum of 20% white wood, and is sourced from an FSC certified supplier. When paired with weed control fabric, these decorative bark chippings greatly minimize weed growth, freeing you from the tedious chore of constantly pulling weeds. Additionally, they serve as mulch, shielding plant roots from harsh weather and preventing water pooling, which can lead to plant base rot. In summer, ornamental bark slows water evaporation, helping soil retain moisture and reducing the need for frequent watering.

Features & benefits

  • Ornamental appearance
  • Long lasting (up to 3 years)
  • Very consistent product year round
  • Excellent weed suppression
  • Retains moisture well
  • Offers a warm, earthy contrast to flowers and planting.
  • Free-draining in winter yet improves soil water retention in the warmer summer months.


Recommended laying depth: 75 mm, at this depth, one bulk bag (~1 m³) will cover 13.33 sq.m.

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The majority of our products are naturally occurring and many therefore differ in colour and texture from one year to the next. we use trusted suppliers. We avoid changing suppliers wherever we can, in order to maintain consistency.

If you are in doubt as to whether you are ordering the correct product, or a similar product to what you have ordered before, please contact us and request a small sample through the post.

Collecting Product

Collect from us

The majority of the products that we sell can be collected from our depot in Newenden Kent, either loose or in Bulk Bags, for considerable savings. The minimum that can be collected loose is 1/2 tonne or 1/2 cu. m.

NOTE - Your vehicle / trailer must be large enough to be able to be loaded without product overflow. It is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is not overloaded.

Delivery costs

The cost of local deliveries to Kent, Sussex and Surrey are free and included in the quoted prices.

Deliveries to London postcodes ( E,HA,SE,SL,SW,UB,WD) incur a once off visit charge of £35.00 with Central London postcodes(EC,EN,N,NW,W,WC) incurring a  once off visit charge of £65.00.

Deliveries in other parts of the country will incur additional per bag charges.

All these surcharges will be calculated on check out prior to confirmation and payment.

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