Peat Free Products

There are large reserves of peat in many parts of the world. It is increasingly being understood that the extraction of these peat reserves
has a huge impact on both climate change and the bio diversity of the planet.

This section is dedicated to those who wish to garden without peat, where the following products are used as peat alternatives

  • Cocogreen Coir Substrate


    Coir for growing media: the fibre found between the hard internal shell and the outer coat of a coconut. Shipped in compacted bales from Sri Lanka and India, it is decompacted, shredded and rehydrated in the UK to produce a very similar growing medium to peat. The pH is slightly higher between 5.4 - 6.8.

    Coir can be used in growing media in much the same way as peat. Wherever we specify peat in the growing media coir can be used as a replacement and there will be an additional charge of 10%

  • Peat Free Multipurpose Compost | Gardenscapedirect

    Peat Free Compost

    Packed with nutrients, our Peat Free Compost makes a wonderful mulch, whilst also being sustainable and environmentally friendly. A 10mm screened green waste compost, it’s PAS100 certified which means that it has composted down sufficiently to transition from green waste to quality compost.

    A great alternative to peated composts, use this as a mulch on the base of existing plants, or dig it through the soil before planting to use as a soil conditioner.

  • Composted Bark

    Elevate your gardening experience with our premium composted bark, a dual powerhouse serving as an excellent soil conditioner and mulch. Perfect for ericaceous (acidic) beds and borders, this remarkable product blends wood fiber and added urea for optimal nourishment. What sets it apart? A minimal white wood content, ensuring superior performance in your garden. Dive into quality assurance—our composted bark is pest, disease, and weed-free. Plus, it's untouched by Methyl Bromide or any additives, guaranteeing unparalleled purity.

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Here is a list of our horticultural mixes that do not
contain any peat

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