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Growmore is the best-known general purpose fertiliser on the market, and is an excellent all-rounder for your garden.
This easy to spread mineral-based granular fertiliser can be applied as a top dressing all around the garden; on flowers, fruit and vegetables or under mulches.
Growmore is a balanced fertiliser containing equal amounts of the most important plant nutrients; 7:7:7 Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, it can be applied any time during the growing season.


Recommended spreading rate: 140 grammes/sq.m.
At this rate, one 20-kg bag will cover 140 sq.m.
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The majority of the products that we sell can be collected from our depot in Newenden Kent, either loose or in Bulk Bags, for considerable savings. The minimum that can be collected loose is 1/2 tonne or 1/2 cu. m.

NOTE - Your vehicle / trailer must be large enough to be able to be loaded without product overflow. It is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is not overloaded.

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