Roof Garden Mixes

Extensive Roofsoil

This lightweight growing media is most commonly uses for sedum planting on extensive green roofs. Once planted very little maintenance is required.

We blend this mix to order using clean crushed reject brick and PAS100 certified green waste compost. The crushed brick will reduce the weight of the growing media whilst also helping with water regulation, absorbing and releasing as required.

Available as 25-litre bag or Bulk bag (~1 m³) (£122.00 retail).

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Intensive Roofsoil

Our Intensive roofsoil has been developed to enable customers to recreate a conventional garden space on the roof. As with any planted garden these green spaces will require regular maintenance, irrigation and management.

We blend premium, British Standard certified sandy loam topsoil with lightweight expanded clay aggregate to create a free draining but relatively lightweight growing media.

Available as Bulk bag (~1 m³) (£111.00 retail).

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