Draintex (membrane)

Draintex is a standard duty, non-woven drainage geotextile fabric with excellent drainage and filtration properties.  This drainage geotextile fabric has a stable but open structure making it ideal for lining trenches when constructing land (French) drains.  Draintex acts as a filter membrane, separating the aggregate from the soil, thus preventing the aggregate from mixing with the soil and reducing the efficiency and capacity of the drain.

Draintex is also used for wrapping soakaway and water attenuation crates in both small, domestic projects and large, commercial projects.  The high permeability of the fabric means water can percolate through whilst preventing the soakaway becoming ‘silted’ up.  Draintex can be used as a ground stabilisation membrane beneath MOT Type 1 or hardcore to form a stable base in many hard landscaping and civil engineering applications.

NB  must be covered within 24 hours of laying. It is not suitable for weed control applications due to the size of the holes.

Rolls available:4.5 x 11.1m (50 sq.m), 4.5 x 100m (450 sq.m)

Ideal for drainage, driveways and pavements.

Available as 11.1m roll (£82.00 retail) or 100m roll (£318.50 retail).

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Groundtex (membrane)

Groundtex woven geotextile is a multi-purpose woven geotextile fabric that can be used for weed suppression and ground stabilisation in both soft and hard landscaping schemes.  Groundtex is a tough woven geo fabric which successfully meets the requirements for use above ground as a heavy duty weed barrier.  Due to its excellent strength and tear resistance, Groundtex can also be used below ground as a stabilising and separating geotextile in groundwork and civil engineering applications.

Groundtex can be used beneath MOT Type 1, sharp/angular stone and gravel, including areas subject to pedestrian or vehicular traffic. 

Ideal for groundworks, pathways and patios.

Available in 1m x 15m rolls or 2m x 50m rolls.

Available as 1m x 15m roll (£15.50 retail) or 2m x 50m roll (£98.00 retail).

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Membrane Pegs

Plastic pegs used to secure membrane in place.

Available for £0.27 each (retail).

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Weedtex (membrane)

Weedtex is a standard duty weed control fabric offering very effective weed suppression for many different applications.  Weedtex allows nutrients (including liquid feed and fertilisers), water and air into the soil to maintain its goodness and promote plant growth, whilst preventing weeds getting the daylight they need to grow.

Weedtex is ideal for use as a garden weed control fabric beneath garden decking and decorative borders.  Weedtex can be fixed down with membrane pegs and should be covered with a layer of bark or other mulch.

Ideal for decking, flower borders and planting.

Available in 1m x 15m rolls or 2m x 50m rolls.

Weedtex is not suitable under pathways, driveways or aggregates.  For vehicle use you can use Draintex, and for use under aggregates on pathways etc you can use Groundtex, both of which are available on our website.

Suitable applications

- Rose & Shrub beds;

- Vegetable & fruit beds;

- Flower beds;

- Under decking.

Available as 1m x 15m roll (£11.50 retail) or 2m x 50m roll (£63.00 retail).

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