Cricket & Grass Tennis Court Maintenance

Autumn Lawn

As the name suggests this fertiliser can be applied in the Autumn and Winter.  It is high in the macro-nutrients Phosphorus and Potassium which aid disease resistance and cold hardiness as well as improving drought tolerance. 

3:12:12 Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium

Available as 20-kg bag (£30.50 retail).

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Line Marking Liquid

Ready mixed line marking liquid which will give consistent bright white lines.

Available as 10 litre (£47.00 retail).

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Spring & Summer Lawn Feed

This fertiliser can be used for all types and sizes of lawn. The high levels of Nitrogen promote spring growth and the Phosphorus and Potassium help aid the uptake of Nitrogen and increase drought resistance. The Iron content will help to keep the moss at bay and the Magnesium Oxide helps maintain the Magnesium levels in the soil which is part of the chlorophyll essential for photosynthesis.

11:5:5 + Fe + MgO Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium 

Available as 20-kg bag (£35.50 retail).

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Surrey Loam

A screened clay loam, with a typical clay content of between 28 - 32%, for application to cricket squares to produce an even and consistent bounce. We can produce lower clay content loams for grass tennis courts on request. 

Note: we have some small bags in stock - please enquire by phone for details.

Out of stock, normally available as 20-kg bag (£10.50 retail) or Bulk bag (~900 kg) (£186.00 retail).

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Weed Feed and Moss Killer

A popular spring lawn feed with the high iron content tackling the moss.

7:2:3 + 3.5% Fe Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium

Available as 20-kg bag (£38.00 retail).

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