Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Yes, except for London, where a surcharge of £30 applies per delivery. Please see our Deliveries page for more details
  2. Our products can be delivered nationwide.

    London & Home Counties

    Gardenscape run 6 lorries, all equipped with HIAB cranes, that deliver across London and the Home Counties. 


    Outside that area smaller products will be delivered by ou trusted carrier partners.

    Deliveries to London may be subject to a delivery surcharge of £30 which will be shown at checkout once the post code has been entered.  Full delivery details can be found on our Deliveries page.
  3. If you are within the Gardenscape delivery area (see Deliveries page) we will deliver your bag using a HIAB crane.  The lorry will get as close as possible to where you need the bag (nb lorries are about the size of a bin lorry and cannot go off road).  Then the crane can carry the bag a further approximately 12 feet from the side of the lorry.  The crane can lift the bag over walls and hedges (max 10ft high) as long as the driver can get access to the bag once it is dropped to unhook the straps.

    If appropriate our driver can hover the bag over the area on which you need the product and slit the bottom meaning that you will not need to spend time shoveling the product out of the bag.

    If you are outside the Gardenscape delivery area the bulk bags will be delivered curbside on a pallet.  These lorries will not go off the hard road.
  4. Yes. If you require a substantial quantity we can deliver the majority of our products to you loose as long as you have access for the lorry to tip the loose load.  
    Please note that the lorry will not be able to go off the hard road and there must be no overhead obstructions that could interfere with the tipping body of the lorry.
  5. No. We are perfectly happy to make the delivery if you are not at home.  However, as these bulk bags are difficult to move once dropped we ask that you leave as many delivery instructions at point of order as you can.  In addition some customers leave out a marker for the drop, such as a cone or a wheelie bin.

    Please note that if we are unable to gain access to where you have asked the bag to be dropped we may need to call you to take further instructions.  If we cannot get hold of you the driver will then make a decision as to whether or not to leave the bag somewhere else that is deemed sensible, or abort the delivery.  If the delivery fails then a charge may be payable for redelivery.
  6. We take card payments at point of order.  We do not take cheques and our drivers are unable to take payment at point of delivery.
  7. If you are starting a new bed you will require a balance of a free draining but nutrient rich growing media.  Use our topsoil/ peat free planting compost mix.  This is a 50/50 mix of our free draining sandy loam topsoil and our nutrient rich green waste compost.  This is suitable for all plants and vegetables.  We also mix other composts with soils so please check out our horticultural mixes page for the full range.

  8. This depends on what the borders need.  If you want to add nutrients in preparation for the upcoming season then you will need a soil conditioner.  Our peat free planting compost is suitable for all plants but check out our soil conditioners page for the full range.

    If you have sufficient nutrients but feel that the soil is a bit heavy, for example clay based, then mix through our free draining TS1 sandy loam topsoil.  For even more help with drainage dig through some 6mm grit.

    If you need a bit of both then simply dig through our TS1 sandy loam soil / peat free planting compost mix.
  9. Try overwintering your beds with a heavy dose of manure or other soil conditioner.  You can either dig this through the empty beds, or simply leave on top and let the worms do all the work. 
  10. Our manure is well rotted and full of nutrients, however it can still be 'hot' when delivered to you so you must be a little careful when using it.  If using as a mulch, around established roses for example, ensure that the manure does not touch the stems or leaves to avoid scorching.  Avoid using manure on young plants.

    Manure is perfect for the overwintering application.  Put on your empty beds in the Autumn and by the time you come to plant in the Spring the heat will have gone and you will be left with a nutrient packed planting bed.
  11. Clay soils are a very common feature of the South East.  Without proper management you may find that your beds and borders become waterlogged, and this could affect the quality of your plants and vegetables.

    To aid drainage in clay soils you can dig through 6mm grit.  If you are also wanting to top up the bed try digging through our Premium Sandy Loam topsoil.  This premium soil is approximately 80% sand and so will cut through the clay allowing water to drain through.  If you want to add nutrients as well dig though one of our soil conditioners
  12. Order the turf to be delivered as close to the time you are laying it as possible as it is cut fresh;

    If you suffer a delay in being able to lay it, roll out the turf and keep them watered to extend their lifespan.

    For general laying follow these easy steps:

    1. Start laying along a straight side in a row butt jointing the ends tightly together. Each row of turf pieces should be offset by 3cm, brickwork style.
    2. Do not stretch the turf, always push the turf into a joint. Avoid gaps, but if they do occur fill them in with a Sandy Loam Topsoil (try our 10mm screened topsoil) and gently tap down.
    3. Ensure complete contact between the soil and the underside of the turf and if necessary use a flat board or a pole to lightly firm down the turf. Never use a roller on freshly laid turf.
    4. Trim the ends of the turf with a spade to fit around trees, paths and so on. If the outer edges of the new turf are exposed, pile a bit of soil on them to prevent drying from the sun.

    Once laid you should water the turf immediately and then water regularly for at least 2 weeks whilst the turf is establishing. Ongoing watering should be judged based on weather conditions.

    If laying on a slope lay along the slope, not up and down it.

    If you need to walk across freshly laid turf use boards.

  13. Unfortunately we cannot reuse bulk bags, however they can be recycled.  Either return them to our depot in Newenden, or leave them out for our driver to take away when making your next delivery.

    Alternatively they can be used in a similar way to a skip.  Fill with household / garden waste and we can then take it away and dispose of it,  See our Waste Bag Collection page for full terms and charging details
  14. We are very proud to support community projects.  We run a charity scheme which has an allocation of funds that are put towards donations for community / charity projects.

    If you have a specific project for which you would like support please contact us so that we can discuss how we might be able to help.
  15. If you are in the trade, perhaps as a landscape gardener or garden maintenance specialist, we can put you on our trade list, which gives you access to all our trade deals. Please register on this site and then let us know by phone or e-mail. We will then adjust your website account so that, the next time you log in, you will be able to benefit from our trade discounts.
  16. Please e-mail it to us from the contact page.