What's the best way to lay each roll of turf?

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Follow these easy steps: 1. Start laying along a straight side in a row butt jointing the ends tightly together. Each row of turf pieces should be offset by 3cm, brickwork style. 2. Do not stretch the turf, always push the turf into a joint. Avoid gaps, but if they do occur fill them in with a Sandy Loam Topsoil (try our 10mm screened topsoil) and gently tap down. 3. Ensure complete contact between the soil and the underside of the turf and if necessary use a flat board or a pole to lightly firm down the turf. Never use a roller on freshly laid turf. 4. Trim the ends of the turf with a spade to fit around trees, paths and so on. If the outer edges of the new turf are exposed, pile a bit of soil on them to prevent drying from the sun.
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