How much do I need to order?

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Below we have created a few simple steps to help find the quantity you require. The information is intended as a guide only, we cannot be held responsible for calculations and applications beyond our control. Our products are sold either in cubic metres or tonnes.There are 1000 litres to a cubic metre (this is equal to 40 x 25ltr bags) and 1000kg to a tonne (this is equal to 40 x 25kg bags).

Step One

You need to measure the width and length of the area you would like to fill. It is always best to work in metres.

A (Width)
B (Length)

Step Two

Once you have done this you need to work out the total area. This is done by multiplying the width by the length.

A (Width) x B (Length) = C (Total Area)

Step Three

Now you need to work out the total required amount of material. This is done by multiplying the total area by the required depth of material. This will give you the total you require in cubic metres.

C (Total Area) x Required Depth of material = D (Total Amount of Required Material)

Useful Conversions for Calculating Depths

Inches Centimetres Metres
1" 2.5cm 0.025m
2" 5cm 0.05m
2.5" 6.25cm 0.062m
3" 7.5cm 0.075m

As the calculation is being done in metres and you have worked out the depth you require in inches or centimetres you must multiply it by the equivalent in the metre column.

Step Four

If you are working with products such as Compost, Barks, Mulches or Woodchip the figure you reached in Step Three is the amount you actually require. However you should allow an extra 10% for compaction as most natural materials settle and condense.

For other products you will need to convert cubic metres into tonnes. This is done by multiplying the total D in Step Three by the product you require.

Soil D (Total from Step Three) x 1.3
Sand D (Total from Step Three) x 1.6
Aggregate D (Total from Step Three) x 1.8
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