Gardenscape - FAQ

  1. What do I do with the turf when it arrives?
    Lightly water the soil, prior to rolling out the turf.
  2. Will you accept cash or cheque on delivery?
    We regret that we can no longer accept this form of payment.
  3. Do you sell plants?
    No, we leave that to the specialist nurseries.
  4. My garden is all clay and heavy soil. What can I do about it?
    There is no ‘quick fix’ but regular annual application of manure, grit and sometimes gypsum will gradually overcome the problem.
  5. What delivery area do you cover?
    We currently deliver throughout the South East - Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London.
  6. What do I do with the empty bag?
    You can use it for filling with your garden or DIY waste and we will collect it, see Waste Bag Collection, or if it is undamaged then leave it out for our driver and he will collect it on his next visit.
  7. Can you supply a premixed soil suitable for growing vegetables?
    We can make any mix to your specification. Click on Horticultural Mixes for the most popular combinations, or contact us to discuss your individual requirements. This is an increasingly popular service, already enjoyed by the local nursery trade.
  8. How do I lay turf if it is on a slope?
    Always unroll turf across a slope, not down it.
  9. Do you have a question we have not answered for you?
    Please e-mail it to us from the contact us.
  10. Can I walk on the turf whilst it is being laid?
    Always place planks on newly laid turf for walking along and working from.
  11. Do you take credit cards?
    Yes, all credit and debit cards
  12. Do your prices include VAT?
  13. Best way to get the product from the bag to the garden?
    We would recommend a shovel and a wheelbarrow for stone etc and we would recommend a bucket and wheel barrow for soft landscape products. Using string tie the bag handles back to a fixed object e.g. hedges, buildings, a fork etc to prevent them falling back into the bag when emptying. ... Read more
  14. What about watering my turfs?
    Immediately after laying, start watering. Ensure that the new lawn is never short of water. Check under corners of the turf to confirm that water has thoroughly percolated through to the underlying soil. Water repeatedly for at least two weeks and certainly until the turf is well established. Once established, weekly ... Read more
  15. What's the best way to lay each roll of turf?
    Follow these easy steps: 1. Start laying along a straight side in a row butt jointing the ends tightly together. Each row of turf pieces should be offset by 3cm, brickwork style. 2. Do not stretch the turf, always push the turf into a joint. Avoid gaps, but if they do occur fill ... Read more
  16. How soon can you deliver?
    Once an order has been placed we will deliver within 5 working days. Where possible, we will try to fit in with your delivery requirements. If you plan to take the day off to work in the garden, why not have the product delivered the day before to save you waiting ... Read more
  17. How close can you get to my garden to make a delivery?
    We can reach approximately 9ft with a crane and can get anywhere that a dustcart can. Items can be placed over hedges or fences but we need to be aware of any overhead cables or low trees etc. If we need to be on your drive, we need to know the ... Read more
  18. Can you deliver bulk loads?
    Yes we can deliver any quantity from 1 to 30 tonnes. In general if you need anything more than 5 tonnes or 5 cubic meters, it is cheaper to have it delivered in bulk. You will have to contact us for a price, since quotes are site specific. If you are ... Read more
  19. Is delivery included in the price?
    Yes in Kent and East Sussex, for other areas and within the M25 we have to impose a £30.00 surcharge per visit. So if you live in this area, why not plan to have all your deliveries for the gardening year in one go, thus minimising the effect of this delivery ... Read more
  20. How much do I need to order?
    Below we have created a few simple steps to help find the quantity you require. The information is intended as a guide only, we cannot be held responsible for calculations and applications beyond our control. Our products are sold either in cubic metres or tonnes.There are 1000 litres to a cubic ... Read more
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