Cookie policy

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small data items which can be saved to a website visitor's computer. We use three kinds of cookies on this site. In themselves, they contain no personal data. This page explains what they do for you and for us, and how you can avoid having them set when you visit our site.

Session cookie

This cookie is set by our website when you log in, or when you place an item in your shopping basket. It is used for keeping track of your order and your account details while you browse the site or place an order.

The cookie is automatically deleted as soon as you close your browser. It only contains an anonymous identification number, so that the website can remember your order and account details. It is only ever seen by the website server and is never shared with anybody else.

You can avoid this cookie by not logging in, and not placing any orders.

Google Analytics cookie(s)

This is set by Google for the purpose of tracking what you do on our website. We use the information processed by Google to understand how visitors use the site, to gather statistics, and to look for ways of improving our service for you.

You can find full information about Google Analytics (GA) and its cookies here. You can decide whether to opt in or out of GA by clicking one of the two buttons below. If you should change your mind later, just come back to this page and make another choice. If you don't make a choice, you will not receive any GA cookies from us - it's an opt-in decision.

"Cookie cookie"

This one is set by our website when you decide whether to accept the GA cookie(s). It only indicates whether you have opted in or out and contains no personal data. The website uses this to decide whether to allow GA to be operational on each page you visit.

The cookie lasts for 90 days - after that, you will need to decide again whether you accept the GA cookie(s). You can avoid the cookie by not clicking either of the buttons below; this also prevents GA from being active. However, if you don't make a choice, the "cookie banner" - the green band at the bottom of the screen - will show on every page you visit.

More information about cookies

Here is the Wikipedia article about cookies.
This page provides detailed information on how to manage cookies in your browser.

Opt in or out of Google Analytics

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