Whether you are planting or top dressing, infilling or levelling, we can supply the soil that you need to suit your purpose and your pocket.  We stock a range of soils including as dug, screened, manufactured, single source and multi-source.  At least 2 of our soils hold British Standard certification.  Our premium sandy loam (TS1) is a free draining, 10mm screened, single source, rich, dark soil perfect for planting and top dressing.  If you are looking for a cheaper product to fill in a hole or level a lawn then why not look at our as dug economy soil.  

If you would like any advice on which soil in our range is most suitable for your application then please get in touch using our contact form or give us a call.  Also remember that if you are looking for large amounts it will invariably be cheaper for you to have a loose load as opposed to bulk bags.  Call us for further information and a bespoke quote.

Nutrient boost

If you want to add extra nutrients to existing beds and borders and or improve drainage why not try one of our planting mixes.  We blend our premium sandy loam soil with our nutrient packed soil conditioners to create a free draining, nutrient rich growing media.  Perfect for new beds and borders, or to replenish and revitalise existing planting areas.  Visit our Bed & Border Planting Mixes page for further details.

Blended BS certified topsoil (TS6)

A screened, manufactured soil certified to the BS3882 standard for topsoils. This product is tested twice a year ensuring consistency and quality all year round.

This is a lower cost alternative to our premium sandy loam topsoil.

Screened to 5mm , this topsoil is ideal for turfing and seeding as it can be raked out to a fine tilth. 

Available as Loose load or Bulk bag (~900 kg) (£79.99 retail).

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Economy Soil

A multi-source 'as dug' soil. This is a basic, unscreened soil, with large lumps removed, suitable for in filling and building up levels.

This soil is not screened and so may contain pieces of stone, rock etc. This means that we do not recommend it as being suitable for any seeding, turfing, planting etc applications.

If you are levelling an area that you will then want to seed, turf or plant on top of consider filling the majority with this economy soil, and then topping off with a finer screened soil such as our TS1 or TS6.

Available as Loose load or Bulk bag (~900 kg) (£59.99 retail).

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Ericaceous Soil

Most soils tend to be naturally slightly alkaline.Some plants thrive best in a more acidic growing media and so we have developed this Ericaceous blend.

We mix our premium sandy loam topsoil with acidic 'black sand' to produce an Ericaceous soil suitable for acid loving plants such as Azeleas, Rhododendrons, Blueberries etc.

pH will typically be between 5.5 - 6.5.

Due to the addition of black sand to sandy loam to achieve the desired acidity this soil does have a sandy consistency.

We can also blend an Ericaceous compost if you are looking to add extra nutrients to the soil. Please visit our soil Conditioners page for details.

Available as Loose load or Bulk bag (~900 kg) (£98.99 retail).

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Premium Sandy Loam - 20mm

Top quality sandy loam that is screened to 20mm. This soil is perfect for all your landscaping and planting needs. The high sand content means that it is free draining, perfect when dug through indigenous clay soils. If you would like to boost the nutrient content then try our one of our soil based Bed & Border Planting Mixes which combine this sandy loam with premium soil conditioners.

Available as Loose load or Bulk bag (~900 kg) (£84.99 retail).

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