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Waste Bag Collection

10% off Waste Bag Collections until 31/01/18

Fill a bulk bag with garden and household waste for us to collect - Cheaper and more convenient than a skip

Terms and Conditions

Because of the nature of the service, we have to ask that you closely read the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Take care of the bag: If you are using a big bag in which you took delivery of a product make sure it is not torn around the straps and when you fill it, avoid sharp objects or hot ashes etc. Do not put more than 1 tonne in the bag, we cannot be held responsible if the bag splits on loading.
  2. We are authorised carriers of waste and as such have a duty of care to ensure that only ordinary household, construction and garden waste is collected. The bags must not be used to dispose of tyres, batteries, oil, pesticides, clinical waste, fridges, freezers, gas bottles, mattresses and anything else that requires special disposal measures. If in doubt please call us for advice 0800 854663.
  3. Position the bag carefully. Please bear in mind the following:


Waste Bag Collection

Waste Bag Collection

Filled approx. 1 tonne Bulk Bag

Garden, household and construction waste collected and recycled. Fill an empty bag within 3m of convenient lorry access. Ring us when bag(s) are ready for collection and within five working days we will dispose of them for you.

Price: £54.00 £48.60 inc. 20% VAT

Order online today or freephone 0800 854 663. Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm. Sat 8am - 12pm. Daily deliveries to your doorstep throughout the south east of England Gift Vouchers Frequently Asked Questions