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October Tips

01/10/2018 08:00

Activity in the garden

Prepare your beds ready for Spring Planting
We have 10% off Manure and Compost delivered in Bulk Bags throughout October.

Plant spring bulbs
Continue planting bulbs for spring-flowering displays. Give priority to daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, fritillarias, erythroniums, irises and small bulbs in rock gardens. Tulips can be kept back for planting later in October and even into early November.

Plant shrubs
Autumn is an ideal time to plant new shrubs and perennials.

Prune rambling roses
Prune back old flowering stems on rambler roses and tie in any new shoots to the support.

Dried flower arrangements
Attractive seed-heads from grasses, annuals and perennials can be cut and used in dried flower arrangements.

Fruits & Vegetables
Harvesting crops
Continue harvesting carrots and potatoes for storage, ensuring crops are dry and clean. Never store any produce showing signs of damage or infection.

Crops to sow
Hardy varieties of peas and broad beans can be sown now. Most benefit from cloche protection in winter, especially in very cold areas.

Fruit orders
Plan now for autumn and winter fruit planting, by ordering new varieties of fruit trees, bushes and cane fruits.

General care and maintenance
Sow hardy annuals
If you're gardening on a tight budget, sow hardy annuals. These will quickly germinate and the thinned seedlings will flower earlier than spring-sown annuals. If you grew hardy annuals this year, why not save some seeds to sow now or in the spring.

Garden waste
During autumn the garden often produces more waste than you can cope with, so now is the time to consider investing in a shredder and additional compost bins. Recycling organic material by composting it is always preferable to having bonfires, as any neighbour will tell you! So why not try our Waste Bag Collection service.

Pond care
Stretch a large piece of small-mesh netting over ponds and water features to prevent autumn leaves from falling in. Peg down the edges. Pick off leaves regularly and remove any that blow in with a small net, taking great care not to damage butyl liners. Also clear away remains of dying aquatic and marginal plants.

Evergreen pots
Empty pots and baskets of summer bedding and plant up with a new selection to provide colour and interest right through autumn and into spring. Use one or two small evergreen shrubs, such as euonymus or dwarf conifers, as structural elements within the pot, filling in around them with seasonal bedding to provide flowers during mild spells.

Irrigation systems
Disconnect seeping hoses and drip irrigation that is no longer needed, give them a clean and store them away for the winter.

Autumn is a good time to move established conifers and evergreen shrubs. Dig them up with the largest rootball you can manage. Prepare the new planting site well and keep them well watered until they have established. Protect sensitive varieties from drying winds by surrounding with a netting wind-break.

Sow lawn seed
Finish sowing new lawns while the soil conditions are still warm enough for grass seed to germinate. Turf can still be laid in autumn, if the soil is not too wet.

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