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About The John Bourne Group

John Bourne on tractor Circa 1950's

John Bourne set up his business in 1947 supplying farmers and growers in the South-East of England with agricultural lime after several years of neglect during the Second World War. As the pattern of land use has changed so has the business, which now addresses the varying requirements of sportsturf and landscape managers across the breadth of the UK.

From caravan sites, sports fields and golf courses to city parks, private gardens and agriculture, the range of products and services has grown to reflect the increasingly sophisticated and diverse requirements of the 21st century grounds manager.

At the heart of the businesses evolution has been the emphasis on working with nature rather than against it. This has led to the development and promotion of environmentally friendly products across all markets. Examples are recycled aggregate to the construction industry, peat-free substrates for horticulture, green composts for sportsturf maintenance, and remanufactured topsoils for the landscaping industry.

We are a business that develops and grows with the changing pattern of land use, but our philosophy of offering the best in terms of quality and service always reamins the same.

In 2017 The John Bourne Group celebrated 70 years in business!  Check out the Bourne Group 70th Anniversary Film

Please visit the John Bourne Group website.

Order online today or freephone 0800 854 663. Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm. Sat 8am - 12pm. Daily deliveries to your doorstep throughout the south east of England Gift Vouchers Frequently Asked Questions